Holiday light show tradition continues in Farmington

Buckskin Drive, Farmington (WHAM photo)

Farmington, N.Y. – An annual tradition continues this holiday season in Farmington.

For the past several years, Bruce Raggi and his family have been decorating their home with holiday lights, creating a spectacle that people from across our area have flocked to see. Since they began their tradition, other neighbors on Buckskin Drive have joined in the festivities. In all, 22 houses are involved in this year's show.

"It takes a lot to get this up and running, but when the cars start to come in and park and come up and talk to me and the neighbors and stuff, it makes it all worth it. Then it’s great," said Raggi. "It’s just a great feeling, to see people appreciate it."

For Raggi, it’s about more than just putting on a show. Every year, he collects donations for someone in need during the holiday season. This year, he’s gathering donations to help Ayanna Herrold and her family. Over the summer, Ayanna was seriously hurt in a crash on the Lake Ontario State Parkway.

"It makes me proud that so many people want to come out and help her," said Raggi.

You can catch the lights on Buckskin Driver through New Year’s Eve. For more information, click here.

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