Homeowners concerned about rising creeks as snow and ice melt, rain moves in

(WHAM photo)

Parma, N.Y. - Melting ice and snow, along with rainfall, has many area creeks surging. In some cases, water levels are rising and closing in on homes.

While temperatures dropped Monday evening, that still is not necessarily good news for homeowners.

Considering how close Northrup Creek is flowing next to Jack Coffey’s house, he’s staying positive.

“Basement is dry, thank the Lord,” he said. “We’re all set.”

But he admits that flooding is in the back of his mind.

“I don’t want to see it come up any higher than it is,” he said. “If it gets up to the bridge, it can go quite fast.”

As Coffey keeps an eye on Northrup Creek, others in Parma – like Donald Lemcke – have watched Buttonwood Creek inch closer to his home.

“If it stops raining, I think we’ll be fine,” said Lemcke. “But since 2:30, it’s come up about 4.5 inches. So I’m just sweating it out. That’s all I can do.”

Lemcke moved around valuables in his barn to keep them dry in case levels got even higher.

“Makes me damn nervous, because I don’t want it getting in the house,” he said.

That’s something he says is likely, even if rainfall slows.

“Even when the rain stops, the runoff continues,” said Lemcke. “And it always goes up a few inches before it crests.”

Lemcke says he’s hoping for colder temperatures, or at least some drier conditions, to help slow the runoff.

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