Ice and wind left some customers in the dark; folks were prepared for much worse

A couple hundred RG&E customers lost power for a few hours Sunday morning with the majority of outages in Greece. Residents were prepared for this latest round of winter-like weather from mother nature that could have been worse. (WHAM photo)

Monroe County, N.Y. (WHAM) - About 2,000 National Grid and RG&E customers lost power, because of the ice Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The Town of Hamlin was blanketed with ice with from trees to blades of grass.

People were glad the late blast of winter wasn't any worse.

"I was relieved,” said Ed Evans of Hamlin. “I expected to see broken branches. I expected to see limbs across the driveway, but all I saw was about (a quarter of an inch) ice on the windshield of my little car."

A couple hundred RG&E customers lost power in Monroe County. The majority of outages were reported in Greece where some people lost power for a couple of hours.

"We had power when we got up, and my daughter was heading out to work,” said Dan Wrensen of Greece. “Just as she was out scraping her windshield...boom, the power went out."

Greece Eric Vazquez also lost power Sunday morning.

“We lost power for three hours, which is pretty good,” said Vazquez. “That's not bad. It's expected."

RG&E spent most the day taking heavy, ice-covered branches off of power lines - restoring electricity to several neighborhoods, including N. Autumn Drive in Greece.

Neighbors said they were prepared for this latest round of wintry weather.

"I got all my flashlights ready to go,” said Wrensen. “I got my propane tanks. I bought a new Coleman stove, so I could cook all the stuff in the freezer that thaws out."

Evans said, "I was ready. I had the gas can out. The generator was ready to be pulled out.”

The latest restoration times for a handful of RG&E customers still without power was 7:30 p.m.

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