Safety improvements coming to Chili intersection

(WHAM photo)

Chili, N.Y. – The Town of Chili intersection at Rt. 386 and Morgan Road, called dangerous by some neighbors, will soon see improvements to make it safer.

The New York State Department of Transportation plans to improve pavement markings, clear brush and trees and install additional signage, indicating that there's a stop sign ahead.

“The stop sign, in my opinion, is problematic," said Monroe County Legislator Steve Brew of the 12th District. “At times, they seem like they can just disappear into the background, and people just don't see them."

In February, Kael Nicolosi, 8, was killed after deputies say a distracted driver ran through at stop sign at the intersection of Morgan Road Scottsville-Chili Roads.

Tiffany Nicolosi remembers her energetic and bubbly little boy.

"He was so happy. smiling and dreaming," she said.

The 8-year-old was on his way to school with his mom, grandmother and cousin, all of whom survived.

"It's crushing because we have to keep living life, and just not having him part of it,” Nicolosi said, holding back tears. “He was just a joy and positive part in our life, that it’s heartbreaking."

Now, the family is pushing and petitioning the state to make the intersection safer to prevent another fatal accident.

"We don't want any other people's lives to pass away," said Kael’s 6-year-old sister, Alexia.

On Wednesday, they met with the DOT to hear their suggestions. But the Nicolosis want more. They want the stop signs on Morgan Road to have flashing lights. The family doesn’t know if they’ll get that, but will continue to push for it.

"I don't see why we wouldn't take all of those precautions," Tiffany said. "We just try to keep him alive as much as possible. We talk about him all the time, and have pictures everywhere. He’s still a huge part in our life."

The DOT plans to have the new improvements completed by this fall.

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