Joe Morelle on possible Special Election run after Louise Slaughter's death

Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle discusses possible special election run following the death of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. (WHAM photo)

Assembly Majority leader Joe Morelle believes a democrat will fill the New York's 25th district seat left vacant after the death of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

13WHAM asked if he, a fellow democrat, would run for her seat in the case of a special election. He said “When the time is appropriate we’ll sit down and talk about what makes the most sense, and then get to work."

"The most important thing is ensuring that whoever is elected continues the legacy of Louise Slaughter and all things that she fought so hard for," said Morelle.

Morelle went on to say that he hopes whoever fills Slaughter's seat is dedicated to the community, and won't back down in the face of adversity.

It is up to Governor Cuomo if a special election will be held.

Right now Doctor Jim Maxwell, a republican, is the only candidate on the ballot for the 25th district.

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