Jury begins deliberating Tuesday in Brooks murder trial

Closing arguments finished up Tuesday morning in the murder trial of Patrick Brooks. Bill Gargan, the prosecuting attorney in this case, speaks to the jury. (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Closing arguments finished up Tuesday morning in the murder trial of Patrick Brooks.

Brooks is accused of killing his wife and daughter by stabbing them to death last November. Closing arguments began Monday, but were interrupted by a power outage at the Hall of Justice in Rochester.

Just before the jury was brought up to the courtroom Tuesday, the lights went out again in the Hall of Justice. The darkness lasted for a few moments before the backup generator kicked in and defense attorneys resumed where they left off.

"There is not sufficient legal evidence to prove that Patrick Brooks committed the crimes alleged in the indictment because he did not," defense attorney Michael Doran said. "We are asking you to return verdicts of not guilty. Not guilty because the government has not proven its case."

Brooks' attorney said his DNA matches some bloody clothing found in a bag, but was not a match for a sock, t-shirt and sweatpants found in the same bag. That bag was found in a dumpster nearby the Brooks' Wellington Avenue home. Prosecutors said it is a "murder bag" - a bag that also included the murder weapon.

Prosecuting attorney Bill Gargan said evidence shows Christine Brooks was stabbed 30 times as she slept. The commotion woke up her daughter Victoria, who then fought for her life as her father turned on her, stabbing her 55 times.

"There was somebody who saw [Christine's murder]," Gargan said. "There was somebody who heard that. There was somebody who knew that was happening. That was Victoria Brooks. But he made sure. Fifty five times, he made sure, that no one sat in that [witness] chair and told [the jury] what happened."

Jurors began deliberations with a specific request. They wanted to see – and some, hold – the alleged murder weapon. Prosecutors say the weapon’s hand was damaged in a way that caused Brooks to leave behind DNA.

Brooks is charged with two counts of second-degree murder. The judge instructed the jury and the 12 jurors were subsequently led out of the room to begin deliberations.

The jury was sent home Tuesday afternoon and will resume deliberations Wednesday.

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