Largest solar project in NY for public school opens at Avon Central School District

Solar Array at Avon Central School District (WHAM photo)

Avon, N.Y. – The Avon Central School District now has the largest public school solar project in our state.

It spans seven acres and will produce enough energy to power more than the entire district.

The project was supported with approximately $564,000 in incentives from Governor Cuomo's NY-Sun initiative, which is advancing the growth of a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry across the state. The school district is expected to see about $1.6 million in credits on its electric bills that offset their electricity use over the life of a 25-year agreement.

Superintendent Aaron Johnson said these solar panels are also being used for educational use and giving students a glimpse of a field they may choose to work in one day.

“Having this right on our campus draws attention and helps us better equip our students to make those choices, because we have the partners where kids can actually have boots on the ground and work with the folks in the field to understand what the field might be,” said Johnson.

The Avon Central School District was an early adopter of solar energy in 2008 they put two solar arrays on two school rooftops.

The district has a power purchase agreement with WGL Energy Systems, which owns the solar array. Under the agreement, the district pays no upfront costs for the solar project and will pays a fixed rate for the energy produced by the solar array.

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