Lauren Morelle remembered

Friends and family remember Lauren Morelle.  Morelle passed away last week after battling breast cancer.

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. -- Purple ribbons adorn the Irondequoit funeral home where a steady line of friends and family came to pay tribute to Lauren Morelle. We first introduced you to Lauren in early 2016.

"Does anybody just do this and look straight into the camera?” Lauren joked staring into our camera during an interview in February of 2016.

The then 29-year-old mother of two had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn't shy away from the fight. Instead, she shared it on Facebook with the page Lauren vs. Cancer.

"Lauren has cancer. That's the bad news. The good news is she's still funnier than ever. Maybe not. You decide,” read the about section on the page.

She never let cancer steal her humor even as she shared her tougher moments.

"She wanted to be honest with people. She didn't want to sugar coat it, she didn't want people to be afraid if they got diagnosed with cancer. She wanted people to know what your body goes through, what your mind goes through,” said Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor and Morelle family friend.

"It's cliché to say she's a straight shooter, what you see is what you get, but with Lauren that was a point of pride for her,” he said.

A point of pride she never lost. Her husband Nate writing on Facebook that in the battle of Lauren vs. Cancer, Lauren won because it couldn't take her smile, humor and her love of life and family. In Lauren’s own words she was "ballsy" till the end.

"I think some people are a little surprised that someone is bold and ballsy. Can you say ballsy on TV?” she asked. “But I think they appreciate honesty.”

Visitation hours continue Wednesday afternoon at Dierna Funeral Home. Lauren’s funeral will be held on Thursday.

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