New York representatives react after tax reform bill passes Tuesday's House vote

(Photo: MGN)

Washington, D.C. – The most sweeping rewrite of tax laws in more than 30 years passed the House of Representatives late Tuesday. It will touch every taxpayer and every corner of the U.S. economy. But there are conflicting opinions about how it would impact middle class taxpayers.

The vote went along party lines, as did the talk about who really benefits from the overhaul.

“I challenge them to stake their reelections on the truth, as I am,” said Representative Chris Collins (R-NY). “The truth will come out when the viewers get $100 to $150 more in their paychecks, starting in February.”

The Tax Policy Center agrees that all but two percent will get a tax cut in 2018. But it says many households earning $1 million or more will get double the benefit to their household bottom line. Additionally, the tax cuts expire in 10 years; the corporate cuts are permanent.

“Not much for the middle class, who work hard to make ends meet, but tax cuts for the wealthy,” said Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY). “The middle class will see their money go directly to the rich.”

Congressman Collins counters that he is in the top two percent, and will end up paying $20,000 more in taxes.

The vote moves onto the Senate, but the House will have to re-vote on the bill Wednesday after Democrats said three provisions in the bill violate Senate rules.

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