Lawsuit filed against Brighton's Whole Foods development project

(WHAM photo)

Brighton, N.Y. – A new storm is brewing over a controversial development project in Brighton. The Whole Foods proposal has been hit with a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by a nearby neighborhood group that is trying to reduce the size of the project.

Harry Gleason didn’t help file the lawsuit, but he’s all for keeping the proposed project scaled down.

“I think While Foods will be welcome, as long as we’re not exceeding the use on the site,” he told 13WHAM.

Like others, Gleason is concerned about increased traffic. But he still wants the site developed.

“Bring Whole Foods on. I think they should come,” he said. “I think they should develop within the guidelines of the zoning.”

The lawsuit against the town and the Daniele Family Development companies says the proposal is too big.

“I can see why people are upset, if they have kids and are living in the area, and they don’t want more traffic,” said citizen Jack Beers. He just wants to see something replace the two unused buildings in the middle of the town.

“Little bit of an eyesore,” he said, “so it’d be nice to see something go in there. But, clearly, there’s a process, and people are upset about it.”

“I think Whole Foods is an appropriate use for the site,” said Gleason. “I’m just against the incentive zoning, and exceeding the zoning regulations.”

Developer Anthony Daniele released a statement to 13WHAM, saying Ben Werzinger, the president of the neighborhood group, is, “a patsy for a well-funded competition of Whole Foods looking to delay the project.”

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