Leaders react to updated Parcel 5 proposal

(Provided renderings)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Until a comprehensive plan is laid out, the office of Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle confirmed to 13WHAM on Wednesday that he will not fight for $20 million in state money to fund the Parcel 5 Entertainment Complex.

A spokesperson for Morelle says the newly-released plans are exciting, and they want additional information before doing more in Albany.

Rochester City Councilmembers want the same.

“A lot of it really comes down to where the financing will come from,” said Rochester City Councilmember at Large Malik Evans.

“We have not been given any firm financials,” said City Councilmember at Large Jackie Ortiz.

“We have questions and, of course, things need to get vetted, but lets just give it a chance,” said City Councilmember at Large Willie Lightfoot.

On Tuesday, the City of Rochester announced a partnership with business leader Sandy Parker, proposing the opportunity to build an IMAX-style movie theater, rooftop concert deck, green space, and retail space.

“Its kind of incorporating a little bit of everyone’s idea," Councilman Lightfoot said. “I’m just excited about being a part of working with the mayor and City Council.”

Still, there are many lingering questions.

“Is it sufficient enough for us to attract as broad of a base as possible?” said Councilwoman Ortiz. “This is not for just downtown. We want to make sure that its an attraction for everyone.”

“We want to ensure that whatever is done there, it can be financially self-sustainable,” said Councilman Evans.

Carolyn Levine agrees. She is a board member for “People for Parcel 5.” She says the city of Rochester needs to give the people more of a say.

“We don’t feel like we are included in the process,” Levine said. “These developments are coming out of left field for people. We want the design to be made with us and not just for us.”

City Council has a public session scheduled next Thursday, and a voting session on March 20.

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