Lewek denied parole by NYS Dept. of Corrections

William Lewek (NYS DOCCS)

Rochester, N.Y. - The man convicted of covering up another man's fatal drug overdose in his home in 2014 has been denied parole.

Dr. William Lewek was sentenced in May 2015 for tampering with evidence in the death of Matthew Straton.

Lewek went before a New York State Parole Board this week and was denied parole.

In January 2014, Straton's body was found buried in Lewek's backyardon Rowley Street in Rochester. It was later found that Straton had died, likely but not conclusively, of a drug overdose in Lewek's home in October 2013.

Lewek was not charged in Straton's death, but is serving a prison sentence of up to four years in state prison on a tampering with evidence charge.

The City of Rochester filed a lawsuit last year, calling Lewek's property a nuisance, and claiming undercover officers were able to buy drugs there on three different occasions.

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