Livonia CSD to undergo major security renovations to revamp entrance ways in school

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    LIVONIA, N.Y. – It is likely that the schools you send your kids to are not built to deter an active shooter. One school district, however, is taking steps to change that.

    Livonia Central School District Superintendent Matthew Cole says in 2018, he can no longer let visitors enter buildings without verifying who they are.

    “We take any measure we can on the preventative side, but also on the structural side to improve that,” Cole said.

    Under a Capital Improvement Project, the front of Livonia Elementary School would be revamped with a new vestibule area with security window linked to the front office.

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    “Anybody that comes in the vestibule will be able to interact with somebody from the building before they are let in the building,” Barr said.

    In the Livonia High School auditorium, all exits lead to one hallway. Under the plan, there would be space opened up so students can run in case of an emergency. Engineers say the glass windows would be lined with a film so they do not shatter.

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    “There’s a very narrow exit right now,” said Gregory Barr, a Director with Hunt Engineers, Architects and Surveyors. “All exits lead to one choke point, so the reason for the expansion is to get people out of the auditorium and give people the opportunity to gather in a space outside the auditorium.”

    The project will cost about $7 million and the district expects work to start next summer once the state approves it.

    “As a mom, you worry about sending your kids to school,” said mother of two, Tiffany Pitcher. “Knowing that they are taking precautionary actions is definitely more reassuring.”

    The Livonia Central School District has already pumped $1.5 million in state funding to upgrade security cameras and door locking systems.

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