Local 8-year-old donates birthday money to REACH Home

8-year-old Evelyn Greene donated her birthday money to REACH Home. (WHAM photo)

It started as a realization that some people don't have as much as others.

Now an 8-year-old girl is donating all her birthday money to a local homeless shelter.

Evelyn Greene says she came home from school one day, emptied her piggy bank and told her mom she wanted to donate to the REACH Home.

That's when her mom posted a video to Facebook and Evelyn's $66 turned into more than $1,000 from friends and family.

Evelyn says her mom, who's worked with REACH before, inspired her to make the donation.

”She asked me why I wanted to do it and I said because of you," said Evelyn. "You help a lot of people and I’m really lucky to have a mom like you."

Her mother, Jessyka Gartz said "8-year-olds don’t really think like this, so for my daughter to see the need and want to help and want to fill some of those spaces that need filling, it’s incredibly awesome for me as her mom."

REACH Home is a winter shelter that relies on donations.

For more information on how to donate to REACH click here.

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