Local artist prompts scavenger hunt throughout the city on Christmas Eve

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    ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM) - Local artists teamed up, prompting a scavenger hunt Monday night throughout Rochester.

    It was all about being at the right place at the right time.

    Stockings were stuffed and dropped off at seven different locations across the city, each featuring the work of 11 artists.

    It was a Christmas surprise with a twist.

    "I've been hiding art for years," said John Magnus Champlin, a local artist.

    The pieces of art were hidden throughout the city for the lucky few who were fast enough to find them.

    "The first clue was that that the art drop was right on the bridge," said Chris Clemens of Explore Upstate, who found a stocking.

    The clues to find the art came in the form of pictures.

    Magnus said he posted them on his Instagram account, never realizing the art pieces would be gone in minutes.

    "I think everyone deserves awesome art in their life," he added.

    When it came to picking the locations for the art drops, Magnus said he wanted to choose places iconic to Rochester, like the Liberty Pole where he left a piece of his own.

    "Come to find out there's been people stalking the Liberty Pole for the last couple of years to get art," he said.

    Now in their fourth year, Magnus said the art drops have become a tradition on Christmas Eve.

    Friends and local artists joined him for the ride, dropping off art throughout the city.

    "It's exciting to see people are excited about it now. I think, for the future, we have to be a little more crafty on how we hide," said Nick Brandreth, a local artist who helped to hide the art.

    Tougher clues could be coming sooner than expected.

    "I'll be doing some art drops, too, I think, during the year - not just Christmas," Magnus said.

    He said it's likely he won't choose the exact locations he used this year.

    For more information you can find him on social media, his Instagram handle is: "Mangusapollo."

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