Local band takes a stand against opioid epidemic in new music video

    Members of the band Ovtlier are using their skills to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. - Some local musicians are using their talents to take a stand against the opioid epidemic.

    The five musicians that make up the band “Ovtlier” share a love for music, but they also share the heartbreak of losing friends and family to drug overdose.

    “I buried friends this year - like close friends I'd grown up with since kindergarten,” Ovtlier singer Joey Arena said.

    “I recently lost a coworker, and that was somebody, never in a million years, did I expect that at all,” Ovtlier guitarist Paul Milne added.

    Ovtlier drummer Joseph Lana is a former drug user.

    “It happened to me through prescription painkillers,” Lana explained. “I actually got my wisdom teeth pulled, got medication for that. Over years, it just spiraled.”

    Lana is now on the other side of addiction. His band Ovtlier is using their song, "Set the World in Flames," to show that getting access to drugs is simply too easy.

    “People always say, 'Don't do drugs, don't do drugs,' but there's more to it. People get into it so fast,” Arena continued.

    In the video, there’s a hotline for drug users, and scenes they hope will show folks how easy it is to fall into addiction.

    “You can see these people. They're everyday, average looking. They don't look like the stereotypical drug user,” Milne said.

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