Local business leaders rally against New York's Scaffold Law

    (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. – Local business leaders are calling for New York to repeal a law they say raises the cost of construction projects.

    Opponents of the Scaffold Law say insurance companies are forced to charge higher premiums for construction insurance because the law holds builders 100 percent responsible for gravity-related injuries at a work site.

    Friday, local business leaders gathered to call on New York to repeal the law.

    “It’s been around since 1885, and every other state has gotten rid of it because it’s costly and provides no benefit,” said Lawsuit Reform Alliance executive director Tom Stebbins. “We in New York cannot advance if we have a law that costs billions of dollars, only exists in New York and has no discernible benefit.”

    He argued that the impact of the law on projects’ costs ultimately affects taxpayers.

    “We just want the ability to go to court and to argue our side,” Stebbins added, “and if we do that, we can restore fairness, but we can also save hundreds of millions of dollars for taxpayers.”

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