Local couple appears on 'House Hunters'

    Justin and Bethany Stevens

    Brighton/Penfield, N.Y. - A local couple's search for a new home was in the national spotlight Tuesday night.

    Justin and Bethany Stevens of Penfield appeared on the HGTV reality series "House Hunters." The show focuses on individuals searching for a new abode. Contestants are shown three possible houses by a realtor, and, in the end, they pick which one they would like to live in.

    "It was exhausting," Justin said. "They filmed for 50 hours for a 23-minute show. It was kind of insightful to see how much it takes to get a television show produced. But we had a lot of fun. It's really cool that we have our first home documented in an episode like this."

    The couple ended up picking a home in Brighton, and both say they love it.

    "We love it here," said Bethany. "We're really close to the city, but we still have that suburban feelit ended up being the best of both worlds for us."

    And as for who made the final decision?

    "I lost on all fronts," Justin joked, "except price."

    The two attended a special screening party Tuesday night. Prior to the national broadcast, the couple had not seen the finished episode.

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