Exclusive interview: Gantt denies involvement, knowledge in alleged Errigo bribery case

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Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - One day after Assemblyman Joe Errigo was arrested for bribery, questions are being raised over who else may have been involved in the alleged scheme.

Federal prosecutors allege the scheme involved Errigo (R-133rd District), as well as three other players who haven't been identified. That includes what they call a "bribe payer," lobbyist, and another assemblyman.

While it's unknown who that assemblyman is, we are learning about who says it's not them.

On Thursday, Assemblyman David Gantt (D- 137th District), Harry Bronson (D- 138th District), and Joe Morelle (D- 136th District) all denied knowledge and involvement in the alleged bribery scheme.

While Bronson and Morelle provided statements to 13WHAM, Gantt, who openly expresses he doesn't talk to the media, sat down in a rare interview to proclaim his innocence.

"He is a good friend, but that still doesn’t excuse him from doing something improper," said Gantt.

Gantt, the chair of the State Transportation Committee, said he had never seen the bill in question, which investigators allege was drafted to hinder a Rochester-area development project.

Due to a variety of health issues, Gantt says he spent about a week in Albany in the last two years. When asked about who he believes could be the other players in the alleged scheme, Gantt declined to speculate.

"I do not want to point fingers at people, but I hope the FBI will continue to look and find out who did what," said Gantt.

Gantt also declined to speculate the development in question by prosecutors.

During the interview, Gantt became increasingly emotional, as he repeatedly defended himself against any possibility he's wrapped up in the alleged scheme.

"I think your reputation is all you have," said Gantt. "And I’ve been in this business 45 years, this is not something I do."

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