Local man blames uncle for mother's death, says she was kind-hearted and giving

Cody Otis (Right) blames his uncle in his mother's overdose death (Provided photo)

FAIRPORT, NY (WHAM) - A local man is blaming his uncle for his mother's death after she overdosed on cocaine and fetanyl in Fairport.

Fairport Police arrested the woman's brother-in-law who they said supplied her drugs. This is causing police to renew a warning for suspected drug dealers.

Pictures provided to 13WHAM show happier times for Cody Otis and his mom, Karylsue Otis. They now hold an even more important meaning to him after she passed away last week.

"She was a role model to me, and she helps me with everything," Cody Otis said in a phone interview.

He said his mother died of an overdose, but was not known to use drugs. The last time they spoke was last Wednesday right before he went to bed. She was 61-years-old.

"I am absolutely placing the blame on my uncle because my uncle has given all of us drugs and alcohol before," Otis said.

Otis's uncle, his mother's brother-in-law, Kent Garfinkel is the man Fairport Police arrested and charged with criminal sale connected to a drug overdose last week.

"Our focus is really on the dealers out there," said Chief Sam Farina, of the Fairport Police Department. "We see it as aiding in basically causing someone else's death," he said.

The Fairport police chief said they received a 911 call for a person overdosing in a restaurant along Main Street last week.

"That person overdosed on cocaine and fetanyl," he said.

Otis said the woman was his mom. Police said she was given two doses of narcan and treated by first responders, but it didn't work.

"We are seeing the problem escalate," said Chief Farina.

Police said Garfinkel lives in Penfield and his arrest then led to a search warrant and subsequent arrests.

It is something that some neighbors said is concerning.

"You just don't want to see those things or your kids exposed to that," said Jerome Davis.

Otis said his mother worked for Garfinkel, helping him manage his properties.

Fairport police said this is their first encounter with Garfinkel.

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