Local runners honor teacher killed in hit and run crash

Jill Skivington Jackett (Provided photo for WHAM)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A local teacher who died doing what she loved.

Those who knew her, and even some who didn't, found a heartfelt way to honor Jill Skivington Jackett, who was killed in a hit and run accident on November 30th.

Jill died doing what she loved - running.

“She always was interested in how well you were doing in your races and your training," said Russ Herman, who ran with Jackett.

"She was very selfless and we knew her as a runner, other people knew her as a teacher."

38-year-old Jackett was an avid runner, and recently finished the New York City marathon last month.

Jackett often ran on Saturdays with the group, Bagel Bunch Runners.

On the Saturday after her death, that group, and several other running groups ran in her memory. They chose a path that goes along several high schools, a route they're now calling Jill's Run.

Dozens of runners fought back tears, praying for Jill's family before their morning run.

“When you lose somebody it's like family,” said runner Jim Baker.

Her fellow runners shared memories of how she motivated them to be their best.

“The people that ran with her just knew you better bring your A-game,” said Russ Herman.

“When I ran the half marathon in April,” Baker recalled, “She'd be the first one to come up after the race and ask you how you did.”

The Saturday run is bittersweet without Jackett. Especially because she was killed running just before meeting a friend Thursday morning.

Runners who've never met her were emotional.

“If the tables were turned, and it was me the people were honoring, this is what I would want them to do,” said April Cox, a runner who did not know Jackett.

Dozens walked and ran the path the group now calls “Jill's Run,” passing local high schools, remembering her as a teacher and runner.

“When we're going up a hill or something, we'll think about Jill, how tough she was,” Herman added.

“We ran it for her today, there's no doubt about it. And we'll continue to do it every time we're here we'll be thinking about her. We'll be doing it with her, she'll be running with us,” said Baker.

Police are still looking for a black older model sedan.

If you have information call crime stoppers at 423-9300.

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