Local woman running across the country to aid those with cancer

Shana D'Angelo will be running 4,000 miles across the country in 49 days. But for her, it's nothing compared to the journey of the people she's helping out. (WHAM Photo)

Shana D'Angelo, 20, started running in middle school, competing in cross country and track. But the run the Mount Morris graduate is about to embark on has a greater purpose than anything she's ever done.

"It's obviously close to my heart. And I know a lot of people that have dealt with cancer and a lot of people have gone through it," said D'Angelo.

Since 2012, D'Angelo has lost both her grandparents and most recently her aunt, Nancy, to the disease. It's been hard to cope with, but it's because of them she applied to be a part of this year's 4K for Cancer. It's a fundraiser for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. It's a 4,000 mile run done in 49 days. She'll be running 12 miles every day, starting in San Francisco on June 18 and ending in New York City on August 5.

She's one of about 30 runners who will be taking the task. On their off days from running, they'll be organizing races to raise more money and delivering chemo care bags to patients.

"It's going to be physically and emotionally hard to see this stuff," she said. "But I want to be in the health care field, so I'm going to have a feeling of what people go through every day and how to help their support systems."

She knows the run itself will be tough too. But every step, she'll have three very important reasons to keep going.

"I hope they're watching, definitely. And I know everybody else on the run has family members that passed or are going through cancer as well. I hope every body is watching over us," D'Angelo said.

When D'Angelo gets back from the run she'll be enlisting in the Navy, with hopes of becoming a medic.

She has a personal goal of $4,500. Overall, they hope to raise $1,000,000. To help support D'Angelo and learn more about her run, click here.

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