Lollypop Farm seeking owners of abandoned dog found in Rochester

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    Victor,N.Y. - Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement Investigators are seeking the public’s help in finding the owner of an abandoned dog found on Rochester’s east side.

    Investigators said on November 12, Darby, an English Bulldog mix, was found starving, severely lethargic and suffering from severe neglect. She weighed 26 pounds; the average weight of English Bulldog is 40 pounds. Lollypop said she's between the ages of 7 and 9 years old.

    “It’s a bad condition," said investigator Reno DiDomenico. "She’s in a condition that-right now she’s stable. But we’ve seen dogs that are stable but actually have them crash.”

    DiDomenico said they responded to a call for a dog deserted in the backyard of a vacant home on Garson Avenue.

    "According to the neighbors, they haven’t seen the dog at the location before," he said. "So we’re not sure if someone just found a vacant home and left the dog there.”

    DiDomenico said they're trying to find Darby's owners, so they can know her medical history.

    “That’s one of the biggest things we don’t know," he said. "So we can make sure she has the proper care.”

    Darby received life-saving treatment and is currently receiving daily care. Investigators have been following some leads to learn who she belongs to, but they have learned nothing yet.

    She has a tan body with white markings on her face and belly. She is distinguished by a large tan spot on the top of her head. Darby also has a "distinctive underbite with a smattering of black spots surrounding her mouth."

    "When anything suffering in this type of condition, it’s heartbreaking to see," DiDomenico said. "That’s why we ask people to give us a call, so that we can make corrections.”

    Lollypop Farm said Darby will most likely go up for adoption once she becomes healthy again.

    As for now, anyone with information regarding the owner of the pet, you're asked to call Lollypop Farm at 223-6500.

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