Maintaining healthy lives at Fountain of Youth Fitness

Fountain of Youth Fitness is located on South Avenue in Rochester. (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - Fountain of Youth Fitness held an open house Sunday with the focus of helping the community live healthy lives.

The Health and Wellness Open House gave people the opportunity to connect with businesses and organizations that aim to maintain healthy lifestyles.

One man has been attending Fountain of Youth since June. He says weight is something he's struggled with his whole life.

"You have to keep with it and don't give up as long as you want it," said Aaron Cooper. "And I wouldn't recommend getting this big for anybody. Cause it's not easy. Makes life a little harder than it needs to be sometimes. I've been here since June and I don't plan on stopping until I lose the weight."

Fountain of Youth Fitness was started by two brothers with the goal of helping people in their home town.

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