Manure spill leaves a mess in Wyoming County

    A truck carrying 9,000 gallons of liquid manure caused quite a mess when it overturned Friday morning in Wyoming County. (Photo: Alecia Kaus)

    A manure truck - fully loaded - made quite the mess in Wyoming County Friday morning when it overturned.

    The truck was full of 9,000 gallons of liquid manure. The driver was traveling south on Silver Lake Road in Covington. When he attempted to turn left on Old State Road in the town of Covington, the truck overturned.

    The crash caused 4,500 gallons of liquid manure to spill over the bank into Pearl Creek. Old State Road was closed off from Silver Lake Road while the rest of the manure was unloaded.

    Wyoming County Sheriff's Deputies say the driver, who is okay, could face charges.

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