Massive water bills arriving for some Town of Avon residents

(Photo: WHAM)

Avon, N.Y. (13WHAM) - The Town of Avon's audit of its water billing system has been completed, and adjusted water bills are now arriving in the mailboxes of the town's water customers. 13WHAM spoke with many people who knew the town was having water billing issues, but not to the extent of the bills some are now getting in the mail.

Some of those customers are getting billed for more than $700. One woman 13WHAM spoke to said her bill totaled more than $2,800.

People like Dyann Francis-Hunt knew the town was having issues with the water billing, and she was expecting a larger bill in the mail, but nothing like the one she got.

"Not expecting that bill at all," said Francis-Hunt about her $875 water bill.

"I can understand if I hadn't gotten a bill or paid a bill in months, I mean, it comes, you pay it, "said Francis-Hunt. "So it's frustrating, in December, it hurts."

13WHAM spoke with resident Adam Wheeler in early November regarding his water bill. Like Francis-Hunt, he wasn't sure what exactly to expect. But he didn't think he'd be getting a bill for more than $730.

"Seeing this bill for $733, as a guy who pays his bills all the time, on time, I'm looking at this saying, 'Where am I going to come up an extra $733 at Christmas time?' is an unbelievable stress," said Wheeler.

Wheeler also claims he's getting billed for water he didn't use. Reluctantly, he says he'll still pay for the water the town says he used.

"If I've used it, I've used, granted I didn't plan seven years ago to pay for this water, this month," said Wheeler. "(Money) is not laying around in the mattress unfortunately, we're going to talk and figure out how to solve this problem."

But some residents, like Michael Stevens, were happy to open the mail and see their latest water bill. Inside was a refund for around $180, because he had been overcharged for his usage.

"It was some anticipation waiting for it," said Stevens. "I wasn't too worried, I mean any type of bill coming this time of year is a struggle for most."

There are discounts of 30 percent on the bill if it's paid within 30 days, 20 percent off if paid within 90 days, and 10 percent off if paid within a year.

Town supervisor David LeFeber tells 13WHAM the town will work with customers to help figure out payments better analyze their current situation surrounding their water bill.

LeFeber says the audit found 280 customers owed the town money for unpaid water usage, while 190 customers will receive refunds for being overcharged.

There's also a hotline people with questions can call: (833) 500-9669.

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