Mississippi man reunites with birth parents in western New York

(WHAM photo)

Twenty-eight years after giving birth to him, this woman is reunited with her son. She gave him up for adoption in 1990, but always knew somehow, someway they would reunite.

Mike and Amy Lansberry were both teenagers when they met at Rush Henrietta High School in the late 1980s.

"We were high school sweethearts. All through high school. He was the love of my life," says Amy.

Mike enlisted in the Air Force after he graduated. At age 18, he proposed to Amy.

She said yes, but not long after Mike left came another discovery.

“We found out that I was pregnant," Amy says. She was only 16. “We knew at the time we would not be able to give the baby the life that he deserved.”

They decided to put the baby up for adoption. A few months later, Mike and Amy broke up. And that was where they thought their journey would end.

Turns out - it was just starting. Flash-forward to 2010. Mike's dad died. Amy, who saw the news on social media, went to the funeral.

"When I went to leave, I gave you a hug and you snuck in a kiss," she recalled to Mike.

Even decades later, the spark was still there. The two hit it off, started dating and eventually got married. A storybook ending...except, it wasn't over yet.

In May, using a DNA service online, Amy's niece received a message from a man from Mississippi named Joe Jones. What he told her was shocking.

"One day at work, she messaged me out of the blue and said, 'Oh my gosh, Aunt Amy, I think I found your son.' I said, 'What?'”

Using Facebook Messanger, Joe reached out to Mike and Amy. After looking at pictures and using the DNA testing, they were convinced their son had found them. On Thursday, they would finally get to meet him.

“The whole thing is surreal," says Amy. "Mike and I have dreamed about this day for 25 years, and for it to actually be happening, it’s unreal.”

Somehow, someway, the family from all those years ago is back together again.

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