Mom-to-be in labor dances it out in T. Rex costume

Laura Lenhard was in labor at Unity Hospital when she put on a T. Rex costume. 

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Call it a pre-historic pregnancy. A local mom-to-be worked through her labor pains at Unity Hospital wearing a T. Rex costume.

Laura Lenhard was 9 months pregnant, in labor and wearing a dinosaur costume.

"Laura has always had a bit of an obsession with T. Rexs,” said new dad Lucas VanDervort.

"Are you having a contraction? Are you having a contraction right now? This was your idea,” said Lucas to Laura in the video.

Laura and Lucas were hours away from welcoming their baby girl. Their baby bag for the hospital featured the essentials and...

"Laura said we have to take the T. Rex costume to the hospital with us,” said Lucas.

“He didn't want to,” said Laura.

“I'm not as huge as fan of the T. Rex as Laura is,” said Lucas.

“I had to beg him, but I said it would make me happy,” said Laura.

There's been a dinosaur theme since they found out they were expecting. They created a pre-historic pregnancy announcement. So when the big day came, so did the costume and another of Laura’s favorites -- musical group Salt-N-Pepa.

"'Push It' was naturally on the playlist for when she went into labor so she pulled up the song on her phone and dressed up in the T. Rex costume, and the rest is history,” said Lucas.

“I did ask permission first because I wasn't sure it was allowed,” said Laura.

Laura danced it out dinosaur-style at Unity Hospital, catching some staff off guard.

"It was a little bit of confusion, it was a little bit of excitement, it was a little bit of this lady is crazy,” said Lucas.

"Hey, can the doctor deliver my baby wearing this?” Laura is heard asking hospital staff in the video.

About 10 hours later, Laura and Lucas welcomed their own tiny T. Rex: A little girl name Jordan who already has her own stuffed dinosaur.

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