Neighbors in Henrietta frustrated after they say driveways weren't plowed

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Some people in Henrietta say they're not getting what they paid for. They say the snow plow contractor they paid in advance for has not plowed snow in over a month.

Susan Shepard of Rush is wheelchair-bound, and says getting her driveway plowed is not just a convenience; her health depends on it.

On Middle Road, clearing her driveway of snow is critical for her.

“When you get two inches of snow, my wheels just aren't strong enough to go through that. I'm not strong enough to go through that,” said Shepard.

In November, she says she got a flyer in the mail from Walker Land Care.

She and several neighbors signed contracts with the company to plow their driveways this winter. She paid $500 for her driveway and her daughter's driveway.

The company plowed her driveway through a few storms, but she says they stopped showing up at the end of December.

“Whenever we get three inches of snow, we expect you, at some point, to come and clear the driveway out - and if we get, like when we had the foot of snow, I would expect the driveway would be cleared out a couple of times during that day. And we didn't get it once. You couldn't leave a voicemail message. You send a text and you're not getting a response back," she said.

She says January 19, they asked to cancel their contracts.

“If my van gets stuck on my driveway, there's a very steep ramp. I can't get out of my vehicle and just walk into my house. I've gotta try and wheel through snow on an incline, and I can't do it," she said.

Neighbors say the company told them they'd get a $25 refund for missing that storm.

But winter isn't over, and Shepard needs her driveway clear for homecare nurses.

Now she's paying for another snow plower for the rest of this season.

“When somebody doesn't communicate, then your frustration level goes up even more, and then you're scurrying to get someone else to cover your needs," she said. "And you're having to pay for a service twice, when we were hoping to save. The security of paying for a contract and knowing you're got coverage, you don't have to find somebody every time you need to be plowed out, there's value in that.

13WHAM reached out to the company for comment. They tell us they plan to refund customers come March. They say several of their plow trucks broke down, which prevented them for plowing for some customers. We plan to follow up to make sure the company follows through.

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