Video, note left in Victor mailbox may have helped in package thief arrest

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    VICTOR, NY (WHAM) -- A Victor woman, who did not want to be identified, showed 13WHAM the video she recorded.

    “You see her on film open the mailbox and look right at the camera," she said.

    Police believe the woman caught on camera is Shelby Gibson, a newspaper delivery woman. Gibson was arrested on Monday, accused of stealing packages from nearly 40 people.

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    “I felt violated," says the Victor victim. She says she first noticed something wasn't right last August. That's when she says a package she ordered never arrived.

    “I thought, maybe they delivered it to wrong mailbox," she says. "I called a couple neighbors, nothing.”

    Then, it happened again.

    “Two weeks later. Again. Saturday, a package went missing," she said.

    She had cameras installed outside her home, but months went by and packages continued to disappear. After looking at the video, she believed she knew who was taking her stuff.

    “It was the girl delivering my newspaper that was stealing my packages," she said.

    She contacted police, but had no proof. So she came up with another plan: Putting a camera inside her mailbox. She says she caught the perpetrator opening the mailbox and looking straight into the camera.

    After several days, the Victor woman added a note that read, “You have 48 hours. Return all my stuff. Pay me 218 dollars or I’m going to call the Sheriff’s Office.”

    The video purportedly shows Gibson reading the note. Days later, she was arrested.

    “We aggressively investigated it," says Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson. He says tips from victims, and the note, helped lead to the charges against Gibson. The Victor woman who left that note says it's a relief.

    “It was a vindicating moment for me.”

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