Nolan's wants to rebuild with help from federal grant

Nolan's burned to the ground in a raging fire in July. Now, the owner is looking for help from a federal grant to build bigger concept for community and tourism.

Nick Violas watched his family's livelihood, Nolan's on the Lake, burn to the ground in July.

"It was horrific," Violas said. "It was your worst nightmare, right in front of your eyes - and it was not over in two minutes. It felt like forever. All of the memories."

In the three months since, Violas says he has been able to pause and think about rebuilding. This time, he says, it's not just for business, but for community.

"Something that would enhance tourism in Canandaigua and that would include expanding a little bit," he said. "An event room, so tours and buses can come in and connect the museums in the city to the lake."

However, insurance money from the fire would not cover the full cost. That is where the City of Canandaigua came in. They endorsed Nolan's for a federal grant through the Office of Community Renewal to help rebuild.

"With the concept we want to create, it is going to generate more jobs than before," Violas added.

The City Manager says endorsing Nolan's for a possible grant is not about the restaurant, but rather about tourism and economic opportunities in Canandaigua.

Not everyone is pleased, including several business owners in the area.

MacGregor's, just across the street from Nolan's, says if this all comes together, they will considering closing their doors.

"Where is our grant money to spruce up and renovate around here?" manager William Jones said. "They are going to have a brand new building, and we are going to be left in the dust."

The city manager said he understands the vocal frustrations of other businesses and encourages them to reach out and see what grant options are available.

Violas says he respects the opinions of others and hopes to be able to open the doors to his business by Mother's Day of 2018.

"We'll be back, but we have quite a road ahead of us," he concluded.

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