Nunda father pleads not guilty to beating infant son

Brock Hyde, 35, was indicted for second-degree assault and reckless assault of a child. (Photo: Nunda PD)

Geneseo, N.Y. (WHAM) - The Nunda man accused of brutally beating his two-month-old son pleaded not guilty in Livingston County Court Tuesday morning.

Brock Hyde, 35, is accused of 'horrific abuse' of the baby boy. An indictment unsealed in Livingston County Court last week states the baby had a fractured skull, 11 fractured ribs in various stages of healing, dual eye retinal hemorrhages, fluid and swelling on the brain, and a broken bone in his foot.

On Tuesday morning, Hyde entered a not guilty plea for the charges of second-degree assault and reckless assault of a child.

Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey said the crime is horrific, especially against someone who couldn't defend himself.

"I mean the allegations in the indictment include fractured ribs and a fractured skull; that's his version of the events. I'll let the proof stand for itself as the case proceeds," McCaffrey said.

Court paperwork claims Hyde's wife startled him when he was holding his son. It states he said, "being spooked caused me to fumble."

He then allegedly tried to get a grip on the child, saying, "When I squeezed him, I didn't catch him in time before he dropped lower and hit his head on the side of the couch."

Paperwork states Hyde said everything seemed okay with the baby after all of this.

"I don't think, a lot of times, squeezing of someone's rib cage - even an 11-month-old - is going to cause that horrific kind of injury," McCaffrey said.

The alleged abuse was discovered during a routine doctor's visit. After the visit, the doctor called Livingston County Child Protective Services. The baby, who is now four months old, was removed from the home the next day and has since been released to foster care.

"We have an 11-week-old child who basically is indefensible against any kind of assault or attack that's why I think these allegations are so troubling and why I look forward to prosecuting this case in court," he said.

McCaffrey said the proof in this case will speak for itself in a court of law.

"The allegations are fairly horrific," McCaffrey said. "I think any time you are assaulting a child, the allegations in the indictment are pertaining to an 11 week old baby, that's pretty much a difficult crime to prosecute, and obviously an 11 week old child can't really defend themselves."

The judge set bail for Hyde at $100,000.

Hyde's defense attorney did not speak to the media at the request of his client. "Unfortunately, I've spoken to my client and we have no comment at this time," Michael Stivers said.

Hyde is scheduled to be back in court on March 20 for a motions hearing.

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