Pay slip mishap at RCSD blamed on printing error

(WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – A pay stub debacle for some employees at the Rochester City School District is being blamed on a small printing error.

13WHAM sat down with an employee of the school district. She asked that we not share her identity. She says her personal information ended up on another employee’s pay stub.

“That’s all our personal information,” she said, “and I was very upset – very, very upset.”

The district sent a letter to 350 employees, notifying them that their November 21 pay slips were “inadvertently” given to another employee.

“That they had double-printed pay stub that got mailed to employees,” the worker said.

The district said it identified that employee and notified them that the pay slip must be destroyed. The letter reads, in part, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you,” and “We recommend you monitor your account.”

“Obviously, security is not great anymore in this country,” said the employee. ‘So they should have at least monitored our accounts for a year or whatever, six months. Offer us something. No, nothing.”

The worker received notice on Monday, 12 days after what the district calls a “printing error.”

‘Very disappointed, and I just can’t understand why they didn’t inform anybody,” the employee said. She added, “I think that’s what made me even madder, is that they didn’t bother to inform us of what was going on, so that we could protect ourselves.”

She says she understands mistakes happen, but adds that this has been a hassle.

“Change you bank account number, change all your checking to match, ATM card – there’s a process,” she said. “And then you have to wait a whole month for the Rochester City School District to change your direct deposit.”

The district says, going forward, it plans to omit banking numbers from mailed pay stubs. Credit monitoring for those impacted employees is being considered.

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