Cameron After School Program hosts 6th annual Peace Walk

Students of Cameron After School Program walk for peace in their neighborhood (WHAM)

The Cameron After School Program walked for peace Wednesday as part of its Sixth Annual Peace Walk through the Lyell/Otis Neighborhood.

Children led friends, family and community members though what symbolized "a day in their shoes."

At 4:30 p.m., the group walked from Cameron Community Ministries to the students' school, over to the Lyell Branch Library, and then back.

Upon their return, children spoke about why they walked for peace and how violence in the neighborhood has effected them.

The first Peace Walk took place in 2013 after a string of shootings in the neighborhood caused staff at the Cameron After School Program to bring students in from the playground. Ever since, the students and staff have been promoting peace so that they can safely play outside.

They say that the Peace Walk is one way they are standing up for change in their community.

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