Penfield contractor reopens under new name, faces charges in 3 counties

Contractor Ryan Frawley faces felony charges in three counties with his company York Enterprise. He's accused of creating the new company while his other company was under investigation.

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A Penfield contractor faces felony charges in three counties, accused of taking thousands of dollars for projects and never starting the work. His company called York Enterprise is charged in crimes remarkable similar to those of another company singles out in the courts last year.

The March 8, 2017 windstorm left a calling card at the Wiest family home in Brockport.

"We lost between a quarter and half of our roof. We had damage in the kitchen and upstairs in the bathroom," said homeowner Chris Wiest.

After getting a half-dozen estimates on a reputable site, Wiest signed an $8,500 contract with York Enterprise. "He was a good talker. He went around the back and said, 'I can't wait to do this job,'" Wiest said.

Weist paid $4,000 in cash for materials and another $300 for a dumpster, then waited.

Weeks later and after many texts and phone calls, he knew something was wrong.

"He had excuses for everything until finally he says he had to back out of the job," said Wiest.

York's owner, Ryan Frawley promised to return the money. When that didn't happen, the Wiests called police and got an even bigger jolt.

"The cop came to the front door and it was on TV in our living room at the same time! He (Frawley) was doing it to other people," said Wiest.

The company on TV - Harris Ground Management - had been hauled into court last year for ripping off customers. The owner pleaded his case down to a misdemeanor. His name? Ryan Frawley.

It was the same Ryan Frawley who had already opened his new company and solicited the Wiest family.

"He was doing the same thing again!" Weist said. "I think he was using our money to pay off the little ones (lesser accounts). He was paying other people back."

13WHAM News went to Frawley's home in Penfield. His mother said he was not home, but took a business card. He did not respond to messages left for comment.

Frawley is now charged with new felonies in two counties - in one case, taking $9,000 from a Palmyra man and in another taking $1,000 from a client in Victor. Chris Wiest said he spoke out publicly in hopes those cases will not be pleaded down but also to warn others. He testified before the grand jury hoping this time the charges will stick.

"He really thinks he can get away with it. What he has to do is go to jail to show this is no a joke," Wiest said. "It's frustrating. I think about it every day - that's a lot of money."

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