Penn Yan Police investigating alleged sex abuse inside pub

(WHAM photo)

PENN YAN, N.Y-- Police are investigating an alleged sexual abuse incident inside a Penn Yan bar on Christmas Eve.

Penn Yan Police said they received information via social media from a video taken inside Lloyd’s Limited A Pub on Main Street sometime on December 24 through the early morning hours of December 25.

Police also said they conducted a search warrant at the establishment, where they seized surveillance equipment and video footage.

"We are currently in the process of reviewing that surveillance video," said Penn Yan Police Chief Thomas Dunham.

Chief Dunham tells 13WHAM that the bar was closed to the public the night of the alleged incident. Dunham says there were four people inside the bar at the time, including owner Bob Champlin, and a woman who was allegedly recording the incident.

Police say Champlin was named a person of interest after the initial complaint was filed.

"It looks like the people involved in this were intoxicated, and I know there's been a lot of blowback on the individual for not stepping in," Chief Dunham said. "There's not audio with it, so we don't know what was being said at the time."

Angelique Neal manages a family restaurant next door and says the video and allegations are disturbing. She says she's known Champlin for years.

"He was always popular with the ladies, but I have never heard anything predatory until this time," Neal said.

13WHAM attempted to reach out to Champlin for comment Wednesday but did not hear from him.

Police said they expect to see the entire night's footage from the surveillance equipment. No charges have been filed.

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