Winter weather a welcome sight for many in our area

(WHAM photo)

ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM) -People welcomed the winter weather as snow fell around Monroe County on Wednesday.

James Washburn isn’t complaining. He’s excited to see it. "It feels good to get out and be out in the weather," he said.

He lived in Atlanta for about 25 years, but now he's back.

Washburn said this is the kind of homecoming he was hoping to get.

"It’s warmer than usual. It feels light, it’s not as heavy as it usually is,” he said as he shoveled his driveway.

The light snow made it easier for people like Robert Stein to clear their driveways.

"I’ve been out here for about 20 minutes because it’s light. You can push it,” he said. Stein suggested pushing the snow to the side instead of shoveling it.

"It’s not too bad at all if you got dressed for the cold,” he added.

The roadways around his house were still packed with snow during the early afternoon.

However, it was a much different story on 490 West, where DOT crews teamed up to clear the roadways.

"When we are in weather like what we are seeing today, we are in around-the-clock coverage," said Jordan Guerrein, Public Information Officer for New York State Department of Transportation.

He said there are about three dozen snow plows out, county-wide. They clear out major expressways by working 12-hour shifts.

"This is obviously something we prepare for. This is no stranger to us here. This type of weather pattern and this is what we do best - snow and ice removal," he added.

He suggested giving snow plows space when you drive alongside of them, and now crowding them. He said people can expect snow plows back out Thursday to clear any remaining snow.

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