PHOTOS: Curling on the canal in Palmyra

Dozens of people came out on the Erie Canal in Palmyra Sunday to have fun curling. (Photo: Mary Courtney and Irene Unterborn for WHAM)

Palmyra, N.Y. (WHAM) - Nothing gets you in the Winter Olympic spirit like some outdoor curling.

Hundreds of people came out onto the Erie Canal in Palmyra Sunday to have a little fun with the sport. The sport is played by sliding stones on a sheet of ice towards a target comprised of four circles.

Families of all ages, about 250 people in all, took turns playing out on the ice.

Bill Unterborn, one of the event organizers, said the event goes back to 2006 and has continued on a semi-annual basis.

The last time they were able to hold a curling day on the canal was in 2014. The ice hasn't frozen to a degree that was thick enough for people to walk and play on since that winter.

"Some people go out on the ice and throw the rocks, while others are just happy to watch," Unterborn said.

The event, which is put on by a few friends of the Rochester Curling Club, happens just once a year. The group uses the Port of Palmyra Marina as a base. It has 4-5 boat slips, as well as a long cement dock that becomes a viewing platform.

There is an Olympic open house coming up on March 3 for those interested in learning more about the sport. You can find more information here.

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