Pittsford weighing proposal for alternate power providers

(WHAM photo)

Pittsford, N.Y. – Taxpayers in Pittsford could be getting another choice for their power provider.

A meeting Wednesday night focused on Community Choice Aggregation. The town is looking into using an electric power broker to negotiate cheaper or greener electricity.

Pittsford was designated as a clean energy community last year, and Supervisor Bill Smith says the town is looking to broaden its efforts.

"Our interest in looking at this concept was as an additional sustainability measure," he told 13WHAM.

CCA brokers presented information on the program at Wednesday night’s meeting.

One resident 13WHAM spoke with was pleased with what was being presented.

"The presentation, at first blush, seemed to make a lot of sense in terms of cost savings, utilization of environmentally-conscious sources of supply," said taxpayer Ron Scoma. "And hopefully there will be savings for the community and the residents."

"One of the things that I like about Pittsford is it does seem to be a pretty progressive community," he added, "so the fact that the auditorium’s full and people were interested and the presentation itself seemed to speak to the issues and concerns of the community of this time, so I think it’s a great proposal."

The Pittsford Town and Village Boards will determine whether or not they will follow through with pursuing a CCA program and what organization will fill the role. Smith said the goal of Wednesday's meeting was to gauge how popular the concept could be.

"Knowing that there is public support for this is going to be crucial to whether we go forward with it, or take a look at another sustainability initiative that we could undertake," Smith said.

Taxpayers that do not want to take part in the program could opt out.

Smith says at least one other public meeting will be held concerning CCA.

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