Police find body believed to be missing 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe

The body of missing 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe was pulled from the Genesee River Sunday. He had been missing since Thursday morning.

UPDATE (3/12): The Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed remains recovered from the Genesee River Sunday are those of 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe, according to Rochester Police.

"The Rochester Police Department would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Trevyan Rowe," a statement from Chief Michael Ciminelli's office said Monday.

A vigil for the teen, who had been reported missing last week, is scheduled to be held Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Blue Cross Arena.

Original article:

Police have confirmed they have found what are believed to be the remains of missing 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe.

Police say the body was pulled from the Genesee River Sunday evening, about two miles from School Number 12, the last place Rowe was seen.

They do not have a positive ID, but say the description and clothing are consistent with Rowe's.

Rowe, who has autism, had been missing since Thursday morning.

He was last seen getting off the school bus at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, but police say he never entered the school, and did not return home.

Hundreds of volunteers and officers searched for four days to find the missing teen.

Rochester police say a number of calls lead them a particular section under the Frederick Douglas Susan B. Anthony bridge where people had said they saw Trevyan Rowe. That's where they sent a diver into the water and ultimately found a body.

Police say those sightings of Trevyan near the water came before they put out the missing persons report.

Police say there are city cameras in that area that point to the Genesee River but so far have not seen any images that captured Treyvan there. Police say they followed up with every tip and lead.

They said this is not the outcome everyone hoped to have.

Mayor Lovely Warren said "I am very, very sad by this news which is every parents worst fear. My heart and prayer go out to Trevyan's family and friends. Trevyan is a very special boy who was loved and he captured the hearts of our entire community. I want to thank the thousands of Rochester citizens who took to the streets in the snow and cold top look for Trevyan. Our city's heart clearly shined."

Earlier Sunday, Trevyan's mom spoke to the public, thanking them for their efforts in finding her son.

The family was devastated by the news. They had been hopeful for a positive outcome.

Rochester City School District Superintendent Barbara Deane Williams says the district is bringing in an independent investigator to determine what went wrong, and why nearly ten hours went by before Trevyan's family found out he was missing.

She says the protocol for reporting an absent child to their parent or guardian begins with a phone call home.

The district says internally there has been conflicting information about when the call was made or who the call was made to.

Trevyan's uncle says the family wants the district to be held accountable.

"They definitely dropped the ball," said Kent Handy. "If they would have just called I don't think we would be having this conversation right now. That phone call would have made a difference between him being missing that first night."

"By the time the school bus got the other kids home and we realized he wasn't at school or on that bus it was already late in the evening," said Handy.

Superintendent Barbara Deane Williams responded saying "We're still checking to see if and when a call went out and to whom and to what number. So that's what I mean about having the opportunity to look at the actual facts."

"What we're hearing is a lot of inconsistent information and it's important to me that we get the accurate information and the facts," said Williams.

Police say there are no signs of foul play at this time.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Warren said a vigil will be held at 7:00 p.m. Monday. AutismUp said on its Facebook page that it's hosting the event at the Blue Cross Arena.

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