Police, volunteers searching for missing 14-year-old boy in Rochester

Police are looking for Treyvan Rowe, pictured here (Provided photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - Rochester Police are searching for a missing 14-year-old boy with autism in Rochester.

According to police, 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe got on the bus to go to School No. 12 early Thursday.

He was last seen getting off the school bus at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, but police say he did not enter the school. He did not return home.

Trevyan was last seen wearing a black nautical coat with fur trim, jeans, and red Nike sneakers. He is approximately 5'6" tall with a slim build and is wearing earrings.

Police say they conducted a search in the area of Highland Park and Mt. Hope Cemetery Thursday night. Dozens of volunteers continued to search the park Friday morning and afternoon.

According to Trevyan Rowe's cousin, DeToya McCoy, Treyvan does not know the area well and has never walked away from school in the past.

She believes he got on the bus and lost his phone Thursday morning, which upset him.

McCoy says instead of going into the school, he left. She says surveillance video shows him leaving the area after getting off the bus.

AutismUp, a local non-profit that serves individuals and families with autism, is asking for volunteers to meet at the Al Sigl main entrance at the corner of Elmwood and South Avenues. They will be helping to search for Rowe in areas of Highland Park.

Investigators say new information suggests that crews look for him in wooded areas. Officers and members of City Security have been searching these areas, assisted by a helicopter from the State Police.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Carrie Houston, Trevyan's mother, thanked everyone who has been out looking for her son.

She also asked people who may approach him to tell him he is not in trouble, but to tell him that his mother and Aunt Jean want to see him.

"He's just a good kid," Houston said. "He's not a runway, let's just get that out. He's a very good kid, period."

Houston also asked people to check their sheds and garages, unlocked cars and underneath their cars, as Trevyan could be hiding there. He also loves to climb trees, she said.

As temperatures drop, Trevyan's family grows more nervous.

"It's cold," said DeToya McCoy. "Has he eaten? Is he somewhere to keep him warm? There's so many questions."

The family says the Rochester City School District never notified them Trevyan wasn't in school.

"That's crazy, ridiculous. Like, how?" said McCoy. "My son and my sister and brothers, they go to the city school district. If they don't show, they call you first thing in the morning."

The family says it's all lost time - time that could have been spent looking for Trevyan.

The school district says it is investigating whether a call did go out to Trevyan's family, from either a computer or personnel. The district said the family notified them Trevyan never came home from school. Police then began searching around 5 p.m. Thursday - almost 10 hours after Trevyan was seen on a surveillance camera.

"We've searched every single street, park, location - almost twice," said Deputy Chief La'Ron Singletary of the Rochester Police Department.

Snow got in the way of the search Friday, keeping a search helicopter from taking flight. But on the ground, family, friends, police and hundreds of volunteers frantically searched for Trevyan.

Volunteers who helped look for Trevyan gathered at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Al Sigl Center at 1000 Elmwood Avenue. The search continues for him into the afternoon.

Rochester Police have confirmed they investigated a tip about an alleged threat made against Trevyan, but said they believe it is a hoax.

Police also confirmed that a SCUBA team is searching a pond next to School 12.

Anyone with any information about Trevyan is asked to call the Rochester Police Department at (585) 428-7210 or 911.

Anyone who wishes to help in the search for Trevyan can go to the Al Sigl Center at 1000 Elmwood Avenue.

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