Police: Two men arrested in Batavia Craigslist scam

Officers said 23-year-old Jaequele Tomlin of Batavia and 19-year-old Quamane Santiago of Stafford posted a false “Vehicle for Sale” ad on Craigslist. (Photos: Batavia PD)

Batavia, N.Y. (WHAM) - Two men were arrested by Batavia Police after they allegedly posted a fake ad on Craigslist hoping to rob anyone who responded.

23-year-old Jaequele Tomlin of Batavia and 19-year-old Quamane Santiago of Stafford are charged with conspiracy.

Two men from Buffalo responded to the ad which listed a truck for sale. They called police and reported Tomlin and Santiago after meeting them.

"When they went to the area to purchase the vehicle they got a little suspicious of the actions of the people who were allegedly selling the vehicle,” said Batavia Assistant Police Chief Todd Crossett. "We were able to use the victim's phone to setup a second meet with them."

Both were taken into custody and were found to have BB guns that police say resembled real handguns.

Tomlin and Santiago were arraigned and remanded to the Genesee County Jail with no bail. They are scheduled to be back in court Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Tomlin was also wanted on a warrant for criminal Mmischief and assault out of Batavia. Additional charges are pending on both suspects.

If anyone has responded to a suspicious “Vehicle for Sale” ad in Batavia, they should contact Detective Sergeant Kevin Czora at (585) 345-6311.

Batavia Police said anyone who sees any suspicious activity should report it to their local authorities.

Anyone making a deal on Craigslist should also meet in a very public location, including local police departments.

"If somebody really wants to sell a vehicle, they are going to go and meet you to sell that vehicle, that's not going to be a problem," said Crossett.

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