Post Ave. residents say they are shocked by Wednesday's shootings

    Post Avenue (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. - Three people were shot, one of whom died, in two separate shootings that happened in Rochester Wednesday. The suspect, police say, died following a chase.

    Police responded to Post Avenue Wednesday morning, the location they say where two people were shot by Terrell Blake. One of the victims, a 28-year-old woman, died. The other victim, a 25-year-old man, is said to be in critical condition.

    Some neighbors tell 13WHAM they heard shots at the Post Avenue address the night before.

    They say Wednesday's shootings were frightening. Many neighbors were locked inside their homes for safety while their children were on lock-out at city schools.

    Brittany Blackman has lived in the area for four years.

    “I got a call from the school principle saying kids were in (lockout), sitting in cafeteria against the wall," she said. "We’re in shock. We’ve been here for years. Nothing like this has happened. We don’t want it to start happening on our street. It was sad, It made me want to break down because, you know, it hurts. It hurts to see other people hurting.”

    Gary Holmes has lived next to the home where the shooting happened for years, and questions what led to the violent incident.

    “Whatever brought this on had to be something serious dealing within the household, and they should have tried to find out exactly why that is," he said. "My concern the kids at school parents picking them up, and if this is going on at 9 in the morning, people were still dropping off kids."

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