Proposals made for two parcels of land on former Inner Loop site

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Rochester, N.Y. - Mayor Warren announced Wednesday that two more pieces of land, formally part of the Inner Loop East Transformation Project, may be sold to developers pending City Council approval.

“The pace of change at the old Inner Loop East site is truly awe-inspiring as the private sector steps in and brings new investment to an area of the city that was once defined by an under-utilized expressway that divided our Center City from residential neighborhoods,” said Mayor Warren. “These latest developments will increase the momentum of that transformation, connect our city, and speed our efforts to create more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities for our children.”

Two separate developers have made proposals to buy the land. The first, Home Leasing, has been recommended as the preferred developer for one piece of land between East Avenue and Broad Street, known as Parcel 3. Their plan is to build an $18.5 million mixed-use development that will provide 66 apartments, a new pharmacy for Trillium Health and additional space for commercial use. Of those apartments, a portion of them will be set aside for low-income families and supportive housing.

158 Monroe Avenue Associates is the second developer. They made a proposal to purchase the second piece of land on Howell Street, Parcel 7. Their proposition is to build a $30.5 million development consisting of 101 residential apartments and three commercial spaces for retail and restaurants.

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Both proposals must be approved by the City Council before they can move forward. Legislation for the sales will be submitted later this year.

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