RCSD students learn about being on safer Internet

Students heard from experts about protecting themselves from online danger. (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - February 7 marks International Safer Internet Day.

Many students in the Rochester City School District spent the day learning about how to protect themselves from online dangers.

On Tuesday, students heard from experts about cyberbullying, online privacy, and protecting personal information - especially on social media.

The district sets limits on what kids can and can't access on school iPads and ChromeBooks. They can also monitor kids' actions with a program called Gaggle.

"Any time there are any words, anything about bullying said when the students are logged in, anything about self-harm, anything that could be inappropriate or that are tagged words, the district gets notified so does the all the principals so when can immediately address any concerns that they might have," said Kathleen Eisenberg, RCSD IT department.

School leaders believe Gaggle has allowed them to intervene and stop some potentially serious situations.

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