Record late season heat wave

September 90 degree streak.png

Rochester, NY - It's official! Another record high temperature was set today in Rochester. The temperature reached 91°. The previous record for today was 88° set back in 1920.

This late September heat wave has also become historic for a few other reasons. First, this is the longest stretch of 90° heat this late in the season for Rochester on record.

The second part of the heat wave that is interesting is the magnitude of the late season warmth. The high temperature set for September 27th (91°) ties the warmest temperature ever observed so late in the year.

Believe it or not, Rochester actually reached 91° on October 5th, 1951. Remarkably, the high temperature over each of the last 4 days has been 91 degrees. This broke three daily records for temperature in Rochester.

Here's the high temperature and previous record for the last few days:

If you wonder how long it's been since we've had a stretch of 90° heat for 4 days in September, it's been a while. Meteorologist Scott Hetsko did some research and found that it's been 15 years for Rochester.

The longest stretch of 90° heat on record for Rochester is 5 days and occured in 1931. We expect a cold front to move through WNY by this evening and that will usher in much cooler weather heading into the weekend.

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