Record October warmth in Rochester

Record warm October weather

Rochester, NY - The fall wardrobe has been tucked away in the closet this month in Rochester. Area temperatures have consistently averaged nearly 10 degrees above normal.

From a weather standpoint, the region has been stuck in a pattern that has made it fell more like early to mid September. On the east coast we've been stuck in a persistent ridge.

This type of pattern usually promotes an extended period of warmth. The monthly average temperature for October through the 22nd is 60.5 degrees in Rochester.

Here's how this year compares with some other notably warm October's:

We've had plenty of warm afternoon's as well. At the time of this writing, 14 days reached 70 degrees or higher. That ranks 8th on the all-time list since 1871.

Rochester has also reached 80 degrees on 4 days. This ranks in 10th place on the all-time list for the city.

As you know, something like this can't last forever. The pattern appears to become progressively cooler after Tuesday with even deeper cold air arriving around Halloween.

Something that we'll definitely be looking out for as our local ghouls and goblins head out on the 31st this month.

For the latest weather information try downloading our weather app. Use keyword search '13weather' in your cell providers app store for the latest on Rochester's changing weather.

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