Layoffs announced Thursday for Xerox

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    Webster, N.Y. – More layoffs were announced Thursday at Xerox.

    The company will not say how many were announced, but it is believed the positions were management.

    Company layoffs also made news in August, and the Webster town supervisor says he’s concerned about the company’s future here.

    “We’ve been talking to Xerox; the problem is every time we talk to one person, within a week or two weeks after that, that person seems to be gone, also,” said Town Supervisor Ron Nesbitt. “It’s a challenge for us, but we continue to pursue avenues with them on what they’re going to do with their buildings and how we can bring small businesses or new businesses into Webster.”

    Financial analyst George Conboy says it's likely the company will continue to reduce its workforce.

    "If Xerox can't get their sales up, we're going to see their headcount numbers go down, and so far we're not expecting to see, in the next couple of years, any gains in sales at Xerox," he said. "So I think you'll see current management look to reduce the headcount further."

    At the beginning of 2018, Xerox employed 3,400 people in the Rochester area. According to the company’s third quarter fiscal report, the company cut 900 jobs worldwide.

    We're told union jobs were not affected by Thursday's layoffs.

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