Rising mercury boosting some businesses, hurting others

Bristol Mountain

While many have enjoyed the rising mercury, it's boosting some businesses and hurting the bottom line for others. A record-shattering high of 75 degrees Wednesday had people out on the links and on the slopes.

Spinnaker Blazak and his family were at Bristol Mountain skiing Wednesday. He told 13WHAM, "This weather is crazy. I wore shorts skiing. It was very fun!"

Drew Broderick, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Bristol Mountain said, "Mother Nature runs the show here. We've seen people in shorts and t-shirts."

But the mild weather is not necessarily helping all businesses, like local ski resort, Bristol Mountain.

"Last year was phenomenal! We got in a record 139 days - a top three season in a 52 season history," said Broderick.

As for this season - so far just 77 days. "Would we like to sell more tickets? Sure," added Broderick. As for revenue, "Down a little bit because we started late. You have to look at it one day at a time," she continued.

Victor Hills Golf Club, on the other hand, is soaking up the sun and profit. They said they've never in their history opened this early. Jamie Dianetti said, "Solid 20-25 years that I know, no, not as early as March 8th! Any business in March is good business for any golf course in this area."

The unseasonable weather lending a hand to some businesses while others take a harder hit.

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