RocCity Coalition looks to build collaborative communities

(WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – Collaboration was the central theme at a special gathering of young professionals Tuesday night.

The RocCity Coalition hosted its “Building Collaborative Communities” as part of the annual RocCity Rising program.

A panel of business leaders discussed how their companies are making a difference in Rochester.

The Coalition’s goal is to attract and empower young professionals.

“We want Rochester to be a thriving, growing place,” said programming co-chair Jonathan Hoose, “and a big part of that is empowering young professionals so that they feel invested in the community and that they want to stay in the area and grow with the city as it grows.”

“We are not trying to reinvent the wheel in any way,” said sustainable life co-chair Victor Sanchez. “We know there’s already a lot of organizations doing the work and hard work out there. So we really just want to help bridge and help connect everybody that’s already in that work.”

To learn more about RocCity Coalition, click here.

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